Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 11 - 24, 2013 - Photo A Day Project

Snow, glorious snow! The bundling up has begun here as the frosts and biting winds maintain the most recent light snowfall, and we prepare for our first big winter storm. (I admit to being a fan of this season, though if I were king, it would be a tad shorter, and a wee bit warmer.)

To fight the hibernation doldrums, we look forward to working tomorrow's opening night of Ottawa Little Theatre's production of "Christmas Belles," anticipate a celebration of the year's second (U.S.) Thanksgiving on Thursday, and are planning Christmas get-togethers with family and friends.  Just have to make it fun, eh?

Once again the past couple of weeks have dashed by, but I've taken a moment to record a moment from each day to post here. I hope you enjoy them. 

11 - A Memory

Pierre won box tickets to see these three iconic musicians.
(And although I teasingly call them Zed Zed Top, Canadians actually don't.)

12 - Clouds

Since the sky was bright blue all day,
this groovy t-shirt had to suffice.

13 - Part of Me

Happy tootsies!

14 - Eating

Not everyone's cuppa, but we love Livah!

15 - In My Purse

Quite a story behind this pressie from Pierre.

16 - Play

Rick and Pierre and their two biggest fans: Nancy and me
at the provincial racing awards banquet.

17 - Five o'clock

Both 5:00 a.m. and p.m. caught me sleeping.
(Ok, that's not really me....)

18 - Mirror

Copper in the looking glass. :)

19 - Where I Ate Breakfast


20 - Communication

Textin' with my bestie!

21 - I Wish I Had This

And Thank God, I DO!

22 - Behind

Crew Plan for "Christmas Belles" includes moving the Table and Chairs upstage
so they're hidden behind the Traveler once the crew flies it in. Not once, but nine times!
Yep, pardners, this really is a 27-scene play.

23 - Simplicity

It's the simple joys...

24 - A Word

Life is Good!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oct 28 - Nov 10, 2013 - Photo A Day Project

Wahooo! We're calling October through December of this year "Theatre Season"!

The short, but intense run of Ian Stauffer's "Still Looking For Paradise" is over. Now we're beginning our backstage ballet with a different group of actors as they begin their on-stage rehearsals for a wildly funny Texas church Christmas pageant production called "Christmas Belles." The Ottawa Little Theatre is our second home until mid-December. Lucky for us, the community is fabulous, and Martha, the resident ghost, doesn't seem to be in haunting mode.

I continue to snap daily photos in the midst of this hubbub, so here, again, are shots from a couple of weeks past.

28 - Just For You

Pierre prefers milk chockies! :D
Hey... it's Medicine!

29 - Hair

I'll never be one of those glossy-haired girls;
however, even with frizzies, I can look and feel like a Queen!

30 - Wet

Our neighbourhood pools aren't so welcoming
in the fall and winter.

31 - Treat

Resistance Lessons

November, Already??

That creative Australian strikes again!

1- Fruit

Just home from the market with
honeycrisp apples, goji berries, and
juice-sweetened craisins. Yummy!

2 - I Did This Today

Our favourite not-homemade pizza. It's what's for lunch!

3 - P is for ...

Thought this was going to be the whole family:
Pierre, Patrice, CoPPer & Penny, but her pose stole the show.

4 - Table

The Judge's Bench spun and flipped into a Reception Desk AND a Bar!
(Other tidbits in this Paradise photo -- the Court Clerk is actually a
Supreme Court Judge, the white-suited fellow is a police officer,
and the
author/producer, Ian, is in the dark suit, sitting
next to the lovely Anne in the pink dress.
Those two
delightful actors are both attorneys by day.)

5 - I Collect

Since I'm not a collector of things, but I *do* meet loads of
fantastic people, I present the lovely cast and crew of
Still Looking For Paradise.

6 - Music

My "stereo"

7 - Yes!

The way Pierre and I began.

8 - Someone(s) I Miss

My wonderful parents

9 - Mine

My copy of Pierre's terrific Paradise Crew Plan

10 - Book(s)

The most tempting section at Costco.
So many books, so little time.... :-)