Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The bluest skies you've ever seen...

Ah, the vast variety of life...

Reading a marvelous book - one of several, au usual - called Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott, which creates even more focus on the vast differences between each interaction I engage in throughout the day. Laughing with friends, being right at the top of the list of delights... Yesterday was a full one...

Support from my autosurf not-yet-met friends;

Connection with new local business people who sound very interested in the new Business Network International referral group Trevor and I are getting started;

Inspiration, learning and comfortable yacking from my favorite real estate broker and pal, Daryl;

Cooperation and appreciation from Rainier Escrow and Chuck as we move smoothly toward an early close on the sale of his home, and help from Wayne on his congratulations gift;

Frustration at being put in the position of having to be the "bad guy" in dealing with our non-paying tenant, and gratitude that our others are people of their word;

Joy that my sister and our husbands help bear the load of "land baron" so very well;

Relief in hearing of both Sue and George's Monday surguries having positive outcomes;

Pride in hearing the great strides forward that both Judie and Julie are taking in their lives... onwards and upwards dear sister and niece;

Hearing that Jen & Ron are home from AZ and Harris & Pam would like to list their beautiful Ashford lodge at the base of Mt Rainier April 15th or as soon as it's empty... tax day... Yippee!;

Yet more gratitude that the people I work with are some of the finest humans on earth.... How blessed I truly am to have found Keller Williams North Seattle office and Buffini and Company coaching - booked the San Diego retreat for next month - think I'll fly in early the day before and find something perfectly California to do;

And the best... a late evening with Wayne, Trusty, Porter, Sven and Sasha watching silly South Park episodes... Timmay!!!!! With the most astute observation of MTV ever written. Were you aware the creators of South Park went to Columbine High School? Yikes!

Off to catch a ferry on this gorgeous day from Kingston to Edmonds and on to the KWNS office for our Team Meeting. May it be a happy successful day for all of us!


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