Friday, May 01, 2009

A Merkin in Canada

Things I miss the most:

My fabulous friends
The ability to drive 1 - 4 hours to hug my family
Nalleys garlic dill pickles and chili
Snow's Clam Chowder
Essential Baking Company's Parisian baguette
Authentic Mexican food
Pagliacci Pizza
Olympus Spas
The Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges
Getting to visit my kitters

Differences here that make me smile:

Living with my fabulous partner
Safe, flat streets and trails to walk and skate on right outside my door
Lots of pre-prepared foods in every grocery -- ex: perfectly spiced Cajun catfish filets
Every neighbor saying Hello
Far more dryer, sunnier days
The River and Canal just blocks away
Living in a very metropolitan capital city
Only having filled the car's tank twice in almost two months
Hearing French
Laughing everyday
Discovering new places all the time
Living on the ground floor
Watching people walk by with their dogs

and all of the things that I've noticed and forgotten....

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