Friday, August 31, 2012

Beginning Again

Welcome back! 

 If you know me, even just a little, you probably know that I'm a giant fan of Change. I've learned that many people think that's a strange thing. Not sure whether there are official statistics out there--undoubtedly... and you know what they say about stats--but in my limited experience, it seems that most folks are extremely change-adverse. Aw well. I like it! And as Gandhi so eloquently put it: 

A few months ago, it came to me that the work I was doing (both for a little pay and for none) was veering off the path of the direction I wanted to head. So, I submitted two notices, one which was sad, one which was scary, and began designing--in my head--the picture of where I wanted to be next year. That journey is beginning, and I'm taking a few of the first steps. 

One of those steps came to me yesterday via an old friend on Facebook: next month--beginning Saturday--I'll be participating in FatMumSlim's Photo a Day Challenge for September. I feel as though a creative kick in the patootie, not to mention a different way of looking at the world (through the lens of my little Canon PowerShot) will be an inspirational start to this new venture, and Charlotte's ideas are sizzlin'! Since this is the first time in three years that I've not been in at least one college class, this project will also lend a hand with writing ideas. Hard to say what will come out of it, but it feels like something good.

Another step is merging my short-lived second blog into this one. Sooo, the next three posts were written a couple of years back, but continue to be things I ponder. I hope you enjoy them, and my photos to come....

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