Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept 10 - Photo a Day - Black & White

Copper and I Make Our First Batch of Salsa!
There wasn't much black and white in my day today, so I had to grayscale a picture of our big red gold-dog.

As a matter of fact, we've had a lovely blue sky, and inside it's been a day of outrageously bright reds, yellows, and greens as I pull together, clean, chop, and simmer the harvest from our garden and the farmers' market. It's my first attempt at making freezer salsa!  Copper isn't used to me spending an entire afternoon in the kitchen, so he's wandered in and out sniffing, wagging, and asking for pets (which is his job, after all).

I took a number of photos of him, and this one, with a blurry nose, seemed to fit the bill for a black and white mugshot. Whhheww! The smells of tomatoes, cilantro, serrano, green and yellow bell peppers, ancho chile, onion, garlic, chives, vinegar, and cumin must be a LOT for a dog's sensitive snout to handle. Luckily for me, golden retrievers don't know how to complain. And hey, it's food, isn't it?

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Julee said...

Love this photo!! And I can just smell the salsa from here!!!