Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sept 2 - Photo a Day - Father

Chrispy with his Corvette and John with his Honda S-2000

Today's theme: father.

My first two choices for today's picture turned out to be impossible...
I love my own dad dearly, and would have loved to have taken a shot of him, but haven't seen him in over a year because of that darned distance thing. Nine months and counting!

Couldn't get a photo of my partner and his son, as we were three hours from our town at Pierre's final car race of the season, so... that was out.

[Of course, I have old pictures of both of these relationships, but I thought that would rather defeat the purpose of taking and posting a photo each day.]

So, I tried something totally random...

Yesterday morning before heading to the track, I saw a young family at a farmer's market, the father carrying his darling, platinum-haired youngster (impossible to tell whether a boy or a girl.) Requested and snapped a picture to the daddy's delight, but the "who is this weird lady taking our picture?" look on the toddler's face discouraged me from posting it.

Then, this morning it occurred to me:

Two of Pierre's long-time fellow racers, John and Chris, are father and son. It was a packed-full race day, and both guys were clerking (directing the race) in addition to driving, so I didn't get this photo until 4 p.m. at the end of a long, hot, and very fun Labour Day weekend.

Bravo, to these cool guys for following their common passion and both finishing in the top ten!

Here was the runner up... another driver, Riaan, was wearing this t-shirt. :)

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