Saturday, September 08, 2012

Sept 8 - Photo a Day - At Night

Three of the world's best people: Pierre, Mike, and Val

Having friends over for dinner is one of my favourite "At Night" activities. Tonight, our friends Val and Mike came and let me experiment with them by making cauliflower pizza crust with yummy toppings. Time to get back to socializing! xoxo More tomorrow....


Julee said...

How did your crust come out? I never got that one right and gave up!! LOL

P.G.E. said...

This time wasn't quite as good as the first time. I learned that baking them for 13 minutes on one side, then flipping them over and baking them for another five minutes or so crisps them right up. Otherwise, the center is a little soggy.

The main key is grating the cauliflower and then cooking/browning it in a fry pan 'til it's really dry (no more steam) before mixing it with mozza and egg. It's so delicious, Julee. I highly recommend you give it one more try!