Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Oct 2 - Photo a Day - Lunchtime

Have you noticed over the past few months that bacon has become wildly popular? (If you're a bacon aficionado, click here for some good news.) I find it a little bizarre that cured, thinly sliced, fatty pig flesh is appearing on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and has over five million Likes on Facebook. Until I taste it.

Since I pride myself on my health-nuttiness, I decided to tuck these two slices of heart-stopping goodness between the grainiest bread available, in the one BLT I allow myself each summer. I even amped up the L portion to a nice, thick layer of home-grown, organic broccoli sprouts.

(In the interest of honest disclosure, bacon does often make a showing next to a couple of eggs prepared on the weekend by the fabulous breakfast-chef in residence, Pierre. Thank God!)

The yummy, thick, white glob next to those perfect raspberries is Greek yogurt, a delicious, creamy and tangy way to populate your digestive tract with healthy probiotic bacteria (plus it has half the sugar and double the protein of 'regular' yogurt.) Sometimes I stir in a little honey and turmeric -- a staple of one of my health mentors, former landlady, nimble-into-her-nineties, Gen MacManiman.

Today's lunch was savoured mindfully, while I gazed out over the front garden. Quite a contrast to those grab-something-on-the-run lunchtimes, that, thankfully, are becoming more and more rare.

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