Friday, October 26, 2012

Oct 26 - Photo a Day - Listening to

My Current Driving Story by one of my Favourite Authors

Thank goodness for the library!

Being read to is one of my secret pleasures. It evokes comforting memories of trooping back from the bookmobile carrying a new stack of books that mom or dad would read to us on the couch or in bed just prior to sleep.

While I haven't been to a bookmobile since elementary-school, it turns out that Ottawa has a number of them. I'm lucky enough to live just a short walk to one of the branch buildings, which I visit regularly, and still happily carry my pile of books home.

The library has changed its offerings over the years to include our modern-day array of media. In the past year, I've read library e-books from my computer as well as (my favourite) listening to recorded books on cd, and even mp3.

I'm calling this fixation on libraries a healthy, life-long habit. I usually have at least a couple of traditional, paper-bound books next to the bed or beside my writing chair. In addition, virtually every road-trip, short or long, contains -- at minimum -- a portion of a chapter read by an actor, voice-over artist, or (as my current book-on-cd) the author herself.

Since my list of must-read books is still many pages long, thanks to the library, "getting there" in my car has more than one meaning. And, even though I'm no longer a child, someone is graciously willing to read me a bed-time story.

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