Thursday, October 04, 2012

Oct 4 - Photo a Day - What I Read

WordPress Website Templates

www dot WhoAmI? dot com

One of the most creatively gifted people I know has offered to help design a website for my budding tutoring business... for practice, promo, and payment in pasta!

That means, of course, that not only do I have to get cookin', but it's also time to make solid decisions about who I want to be on the www. To that end, I've spent most of this afternoon perusing hundreds of templates and reading about gorilla social-media blitz techniques.

My niche market -- women with English as their second (or other) language -- narrows my options, which is good. I'm looking for a balance of beauty and practicality. The feminine connection part comes naturally, but learning a language is also extremely logical. In addition to keeping the website wording intelligible, we will need to find organic, left-brained ways of showing potential tutees that I provide a safe and fun place to learn.

How can a few pages on the Internet depict a person's nature? Can ones and zeros, arranged just so portray the joy I feel in providing this patient service, and in celebrating the students' successes? Will WordPress, the right provider, search engine optimization, and keywords attract the precise new people with whom I am meant to learn? The next few weeks will tell, as ideas are clarified and plug-ins and widgets are organized. Wish me luck in this grand, new, electronic adventure!


Mosassy is said...

I love the background and font you're using on this blog. It reflects you, is calming and warm. Maybe something similar for your website? You can also customize with a photo of a favorite piece of artwork, etc.

P.G.E. said...

Really glad you like them, too, Monique, and I *really* like your idea of using a watercolour background for the website. We'll see if we can make it happen!