Thursday, November 01, 2012

Oct 30 - Photo a Day - Clothes

Ottawa Little Theatre's Green Room
Pierre and I have discovered the theatre. If you know us, you'll probably think that's odd. Neither of us can win at poker, we're not big on Halloween costumes, and we are both completely transparent pretenders. In addition, memorization is definitely not one of my strong points.

What may not surprise you is that we spend our theatre time backstage. Helping with the stage set -- working on the crew or scooting props around -- allows us to spend time with some of our favourite friends, meet fabulously talented and creative people, and contribute with our organizational skills.

Watching the director, coaches and costume crew help the actors take on different characters' personalities has been truly impressive. The people involved -- especially the courageous and talented performers, but also the tech folks: design, sound, lights, etc. -- invest dozens of hours in making these productions succeed.

It has been an honour to be allowed to witness the evolution of the first two of (hopefully) many shows, from first stage rehearsals to standing ovations on closing nights. It's also surprisingly satisfying to know that our little bit of work in the wings has helped to create evenings of entertainment for audiences at Ottawa Little Theatre.

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