Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nov 25 - Dec 14, 2013 - Photo A Day Project

'Tis the season to be busy. Fa La La La Lahhh, La La La Lah!  :)

The past three weeks have been such fun! Although I was only one of a team of 12 awesome set-crew folks at Ottawa Little Theatre's production of Christmas Belles, my co-crew-chief status kept me engaged in some capacity each day of its three-week run. 

There were fill-ins and prayers for ill and injured teammates, worry over mystery lighting problems, and concern that the great cast may actually have meant it when they teased us about attempting to upstage them. There was pride as we watched the actors become their silly, Texan characters, and bewilderment as audiences laughed at and actually applauded our simple, frozen poses. But mostly, I felt the warm fulfillment of being a part of a creative production that brought a bit of lightness and cheer into what is often a stressful time of year. 

Last night was closing night, so -- at least for awhile -- it's back to "normal life." Bravo to old and new theatre friends! Hope to work / play with you all again soon.

Here, now, is my three-week catch-up of daily snaps. :)

Nov 25 - Quirky

My delightfully eccentric best GF!


26 - Message

"Brrr! Letting me in now would be good."

27 - No!

Poor White Pine couldn't handle the first heavy snow this year.

28 - I am Grateful for ... 

Home with my dear Pierre, Copper & Penny.
Snow. This glorious life. :)

29 - Black

Meeting my new friend, Marta, and her pups,
Monty & Mylo at the dog park.
At 8 + months pregnant, she was feeling
like a big, black wardrobe!

30 - All Done

Patrick, my stepson, finishes
U.S. Thanksgiving Chinese dinner.


1 - Red

The front door gets festive.

2- Where I Stood

The motivational speakers at MoMonday Ottawa. We joined them
on stage at the end of the talks for a round of "All You Need Is Love."
Yep. I sang on stage. lol!

3 - Silver

Mary Beth / Rhonda Lynn sparkles onstage and off!

4 - Tiny

Christmas Village where Catzilla regularly naps

5 - In the Cupboard

Penny checking out the paper recycling

6 - Shadow

Wonder whether the neighbourhood Zellers will become a Target?

7 - Six O'Clock

We three crew chiefs carpool to the theatre

8 - Where I Shop

Picked up dinner after working the matinee
from our favourite Ethiopian Restaurant: The Blue Nile

9 - This is the Weather Today

Another layer of lovely snow!

10 - R is for ...

Roses ... dead and alive! (By the way, those mini-roses
flourish outside! They even over-winter in Ottawa.
Hearty little fellas!)

11 - Green

Our buddy, Grey, bundles up to head home after the show.

12 - Joy is ...

Building Christmas Traditions

13 - Composition

The sound and light boards and their designers and
operators who help create the magic.

14 - Drink

Cheers to closing night of Christmas Belles --
a toast to all with Peppermint Schnapps and Cocoa!

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