Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Feb 10 - Feb 28, 2014 - Photo A Day Project

The long, icy winter continues to hang on here in Ottawa -- the news tells us it has been the coldest in 20 years. 

Canadians traditionally bond by complaining about the weather, but this year I think most of us are bored with that worn-out conversation. Everyone just seems to be peeking out between their toques or hoods and neck scarves while hustling from door to car, which we then start up, cranking up the defroster and heated seats, scraping and brushing down the windows yet again, and getting ourselves to the next warm indoor spot. Once inside again, we all whine briefly, but really... it's gotten to the point where we just sigh and use that energy to warm back up and get on with life. 
Spring is bound to come soon, right?

In the spirit of one thing coming to an end and something new blooming, I've decided, after an eight-month stretch, to once again end the photo-a-day project and change my focus to the restaurant reviews and my immigration story. Wonderfully, my friend, photographer Don Douglas, has begun fatmumslim's photo challenge, so the tradition continues within the family.

So here you are... my final installment of daily pictures... 
at least for this round!
[Thanks for your kind feedback during this project. I hope you enjoy -- and send your friends to peruse -- the upcoming reviews.] 

10 - I Am

... a soup-makin' mama!
First attempt at cream of broccoli and oh yum!!

(P.S. Notice that counter top? Prepare to see it GO.)

11 - Mistake

Working on the set-crew script and oops!
those pesky borders.

12 - Out and About

Such beautiful abundance.

13 - Perfect

OH the minute details required in training a crew!

14 - Heart

Our VD Exchange :)

15 - My Drink of Choice

A warming winter weekend whistle-wetter.

16 - Create

These folks truly make us believe they're
living in a nursing home.
Excellent actors!

17 - Vegetable

Green curry with shrimp & veggies
including lovely, delicious radishes.
(Not so pretty, but you must trust me about the taste!)

18 - Magic

Director Jim McNabb's vision
brought to life.

19 - Feet

Showing my Saudi student an online conversion site.

20 - Peace

Bought this pin in the mid-80's in San Francisco
and still love it and all it stands for.

21 - Funny (yes, that IS sarcasm)

Our neighbour clears a path so the melting
snow can reach the drain.

22 - An Act of Kindness

There were so many today, but this is the only one
I caught on camera. We were at the far reaches of the
Costco parking lot. It was freezing and windy.
This wonderful woman saved us from having to return
the cart to the store. It's the little things...

23 - This is Where I Relax

Chillin' after a delicious dinner with friends
and snugglin' with wild-man Kenji

24 - Half

Working the current play at the Ottawa Little Theatre

25 - Cut

Yummy spanakopita!

26 - Light

Or MANY lights!

27 - My View Today

New sink and counter tops get installed!

Panorama of the new look

28 - Reflection

Co-crew-chief Nadine in the backstage mirror
ready to carpool home.

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