Saturday, November 29, 2008

Musing on Black Friday

Shopping..... buying stuff is SO not my thing. It seems that's another of my Downright UnAmerican traits.

There were thousands of people lined up
last night to get to the cheap Christmas goodies this morning. I'm sure nearly everyone has seen, heard and/or read about the death(s?) that resulted from today, and I'm certain hundreds of people have blogged about it. My mind wonders at what we value. Granted, in this fear-based economy I too am tightening my belt and when I DO shop--anytime--I rarely pay full retail price. It's fun to get a bargain, isn't it? That is, I suppose, why Black Friday is so popular. I guess the mob mentality was bound to happen. Nothing like the "fear of loss" to inspire a sale. 'Oh my goodness... Hurry! The crap that will be in the landfills in 6 months may all be GONE!' It's a strange world we live in.....

Speaking of curious values.... I remember the first time I saw the t-shirt "The Man Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins"-- back in 1984 in the SF Bay Area-- worn by a landlord of mine who spent a good bit of time in prison for his greed. Selling kilos of cocaine. Manufacturing and distributing meth--a warehouse packed with a quoted worth of $10M in poisonous powder. How is it people can think that buying toys (restored airplanes and antique motorcycles in his case) with money that ruins lives is OK? I wonder whether he is free now and whether he learned how to get away with more crime or whether he was reformed in those "reformatories". Some days it's hard to be hopeful for fellows like that. And yet, hope prevails.... and the balancing act of life moves forward... teetering... Is there a solution to the hurting and hurtful acts in this life? Can we help the people who have chosen greed and taking embrace a life of loving kindness? Free will of course prevails and all I can think to do is pray.

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