Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sept 13 - Photo a Day - Table

Food Court Table at Hazeldean Mall
How's this for a brilliant way to keep your customers sitting (and hopefully sipping and nibbling) for awhile? This afternoon, nobody was taking advantage of the game-boards painted on the tables in the food court; however, I can imagine some serious championships taking place here. ;-)

My visit to this table was not to prove my prowess in chess, backgammon, or checkers. It didn't even include food or beverages, or shopping at the mall -- perhaps to the merchants' dismay. Instead, at this table I met a lovely, young Chinese woman: my newest ESL student! And a very fine meeting it was.

Today's theme got me thinking about the different tables I use at home throughout the day...
  • the bedside table whose top holds a lamp, clock-radio, a couple of healing stones, and my current book(s)
  • the entry table, usually overflowing with my notebook, a bowl of keys, a change basket, receipts, junk mail, and various eyeglasses
  • the end table between the couch and rocker, receptacle for a tall stack of to-do's: books, lists, forms to fill out, and catalogues, in addition to the lamp, Christmas cactus, and a few treasures
  • the matching, mission-style coffee table, home of a minimum of two laptops
  • the "patty o'furniture" table under a netted gazebo in the back yard--one of the most inspiring places to write
  • and the dining room table, a simple two-toned set, host of a number of warm, delightfully thought-provoking and love-filled dinner parties over the past three years, which sits patiently waiting for more.
 Sort of wild to think about all of the things that an elevated flat piece of wood makes possible, isn't it?

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