Friday, September 14, 2012

Sept 14 - Photo a Day - Favourite

Addicted to Aritichokes!

Favourite... How in the world do you choose? In which category? Only one???

Remember those chain e-mails that hit our inboxes a couple of years ago...the Friend Surveys with a list of 50 questions, most of which started with "What's your favourite..."? Delete your friend's answers, fill in your own, and forward them on. I ran through those questionnaires a few times, dutifully filling them out, reminding myself of all of the fabulous, fun, delicious, and beautiful people and things that top my long list of favourites.

I always wound up with a goofy grin on my face at around the half-way point. Focusing on (and being grateful for) the good stuff is my favourite mood-lifter. Sometimes I even clicked Forward.

A couple of days ago in the grocery, I noticed that artichokes -- by far the most succulent, fun-to-eat vegetables -- have returned! When I popped in late last night to snap a photo and nab some for tonight's dinner, to my great delight, I found them top row and center in the Fancy Vegetable section. Obviously, the produce manager also realizes their true value, and places them in their rightful place. ;-)

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