Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sept 15 - Photo a Day - First Thing You See

1. My Sweet Morning View
2. Pierre's View :)

The first thing I see -- most weekends, that is -- is my favourite person in the world: my wonderful, snuggled-in sweetheart, Pierre. (I am truly blessed to live with the LOML [love of my life] and very best friend.)

By the time my eyes begin to creak open on weekday mornings, Pierre is usually almost ready for work.

He, unlike me, was lucky to have been born with that sometimes irritating, often envied perky-morning gene. My view then, through half-opened eyes, is quite often a close-up of picture #2 above: the two fuzzy faces of Penny and Copper nuzzling, licking, drooling, meowing, whining, walking on me, and/or bringing in a treasured woobie.

These days I generally wake up surrounded by loved ones and overflowing with gratitude.

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