Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sept 16 - Photo a Day - Strange

Glommed by a Thief in the Night :(

Perhaps for some of you, squirrel-eaten tomatoes aren't such a strange sight.

This year has been the first one that the rascally little critters have grazed on my year-long-anticipated crop. And as much as I love watching their uber-aware antics, this particular behaviour is not only strange, but definitely less than endearing!

Our local squirrels (mostly black, but a few grey and red, too) are clearly not just thirsty. We have a full birdbath and dog/cat bowl resting within eyesight and easy reach. Noooo... this isn't about survival... They're going gourmet.

These gorgeous, perfectly ripe heirloom tomatoes (Sicilian Saucer) seem to be their preferred fruits. I've had my eye on the one on the left -- which was nearly six inches in diameter -- for the past week, watching its yellow-green skin begin to turn pink. It was gently propped up against the top of the garden fence, far from the ground where the {above right--which also got a minor chewing} fruit grew. This morning, however, the mondo tomatoe's usual resting place was bare. Racing out to the garden, this is the very sad sight that I found.

I hope s/he enjoyed it as much as I will. The washed and trimmed remains are soon to nestle atop a scrumptious slice of mayo-spread sourdough, and topped with a pinch of brocolli sprouts. And I'll thank the squirrel gods that those little pilferers' stomachs aren't big enough to devour the entire crop.

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