Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept 17 - Photo a Day - In my Fridge

Time to EAT!
What a mish-mosh of food there is in our fridge! I considered cleaning it all up for the photo today, then decided to just snap-it-as-it-is instead.

One thing that did was help me see what left-overs we need to toss out or turn into "glop" before they go bad!
  • I wonder how chow mein tastes mixed with a bbq'd chicken thigh and mushroom soup?
  • The little yellow crooknecks must be sauted for tonight's dinner. 
  • That giant cauliflower and in the crisper, a half-dozen eggs, and the huge bag of mozarella on the door needs to be transformed into pizza crusts this afternoon.
  • The honeycrisp apples are perfect right now.
  • Where can I find a bunch of organic jalepenoes for stuffing with cream cheese and freezing?
  • Grape tomatoes and broccoli sprouts...mmmm!
  • I don't think even one more thing would fit in this fridge! 

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