Friday, September 21, 2012

Sept 21 - Photo a Day - Sometimes

This morning I met a new tutoring student. After my shower, it felt appropriate to put on a little makeup, and while doing so, I realized that was the perfect photo for today's word: Sometimes.

When I was younger, I rarely went out of the house without makeup. At the very least, mascara and blush.

As an adult, I've been blessed to have had two long-term relationships with "natural" men... both of whom answered my question of whether I should wear it or not with "if you want...".

Sometimes I do want. Usually, I wear lipstick when I'm out, but skip the rest. When we fancy up, so does my face.

I don't think it's unusual for women to believe they're not beautiful without enhancement.  Everyday, though, I'm trying to love myself exactly as I am, and believe that our true beauty comes from within.

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