Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sept 25 - Photo a Day - Frame

This old frame... homely, beat up, and well-traveled, has been with me for many long years. Belonging originally, I believe, to my Gramps and Gran on mom's side (though it could go back another generation), it was entrusted to me when they were still with us, and spry.

At some point, in their hands, I assume, the beveled mirror was reframed, and went from a much smaller, sharp-cornered block frame -- glued behind this -- to a gilded and bedecked slice of stained plywood.

 I've often wondered why they chose this particular upgrade, and what its original border looked like. I have considered reframing it more than a dozen times, and clearly, in each instance, sentimentality has triumphed.

Through many living-, dining-, tv-, and bed-rooms, it has reflected my homes' other belongings. My face has changed in it from a smooth twenty-something just out of girlhood, to a mid-fifty-year-old woman.

In its current placement, it reflects another frame, one which holds the words of Emily Dickenson: Dwell in Possibility... definitely my favourite place to live, and perhaps that of this old mirror.

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