Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sept 26 - Photo a Day - Near

Nearly there!
Near bliss...

Receiving an hour-long massage from a therapist who really has the touch is a heavenly thing.

Massage therapy was my first official profession, and through almost 25 years of giving and 10 years of teaching it, I didn't get nearly enough!

Back in those days, I'd occasionally connect with a fellow practitioner in a workshop. We'd schedule a few trades before life would get too busy again, or one of us would move away. Months often passed between treatments.

Over the past three years when I was back in college, I visited the on-campus massage clinic, getting discounted treatments from second- and third-year students. Most of the massages were very good.

The last one -- oddly, also her final college clinical appointment -- was divine. One thing I've learned is to speak up when things are spectacular. Lucky for me, she had a lovely pink and green business card in her purse.

Today I walked through this beautiful door and upstairs to a warm, quiet room, where my newly-certified, ultra-talented therapist and friend, Emilie works. There, once again, I was treated by a true artist to the blissful practice of a profession that is near and dear to my heart.

Thank you, Em. May your work bring great joy....

The Fabulous Emilie at Body Poets in Ottawa

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