Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oct 11 - Photo a Day - Something Close up

Time to Thrive

Very soon this Thanksgiving cactus will be covered in bright fuschia blooms. I look at it every day, and yesterday, just like that, there were tiny round balls on the tips of many of its branches. Today, this bud began to push its way out. It's still no bigger than my pinkie fingernail, but it has leaped ahead of its brethren.

The Brazilian tropical cactus, Schlumbergera, loves its end-table home. We were lucky to be graced by its blooms twice this year -- evidently some are biannual artists -- now, and just before Easter. It's lovely what happens when conditions are right.

I've been feeling that ideal atmosphere recently as my new business begins to blossom. Teaching has long been a secondary job, and these days I'm thrilled to have it as my leading role.

It's also been a joy to watch a couple of friends get in touch with parts of themselves that they've never before explored. Healing is happening, lives are expanding, new possibilities are coming to the foreground. Nothing as yet has significantly changed in their external lives -- no wonderful new home or job -- but they are following the wise sentiment that reads "Bloom Where You're Planted," they have their eyes on the good, and it won't be long before the blessings rush in. I wait in patient anticipation, ready to bear witness and applaud their bright, flourishing displays.

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