Friday, October 12, 2012

Oct 12 - Photo a Day - On the Table

The Living Room Hot Spot

Rarely do we eat our meals at the dining room table. It seems to be reserved for special occasions or guest appearances. This wee end table gets an almost daily workout as holder of precious gifts, art, stones, teacup, books, and often, the current meal. (Today's brunch is comfort food: ramen with a scrambled-in egg and smoked oysters. Somehow I forgot to toss in the usual handful of spinach and a big pinch of seaweed. An afternoon salad is obviously in order!)

Beside my study-library books rest a clear quartz crystal, fellow traveler for a couple of dozen years, and a perfectly-hand-shaped piece of sodalite -- my favourite meditation stone, promoting peace, harmony, and abundance.

The pine-needle, antler, and bead basket was lovingly made by a dear friend in Washington whose home in the Cascade foothills, surrounded by giant pines I can feel in its rolling curves. It holds a rosewood box of amber, a scent from California days, gifted by beautiful custom shoe-making friends who live an off-grid dream life in an Earthship they built. Hanging from the lamp is a precious blown glass vial made by a friend living just across the border from Vancouver, BC. Inside the vial are cradled a few cremains of our sweet gold-dog, Porter. And finally, a copper-topped candle holder, gifted by my lovely Ottawa girlfriend, on which are inscribed words to live by: "Love protects, Love trusts, Love hopes, Love never fails!"

Perhaps the dining room table, with its open expanse of near emptiness, can not compete with these cherished belongings whose energy draws me to sit near them, whether writing, eating, or simply being.

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