Monday, October 15, 2012

Oct 15 - Photo a Day - Dinnertime

Tonight's Hybrid Dinner

 Au Revoir Été

As any cook knows, it's impossible to sear delicious smoky-flavoured grill-stripes onto pork, chicken, or steaks in a flat-bottomed fry pan no matter how one tries, yet here they are....

At our house, Pierre is The Barbecue King, a master of both the grill and the rotisserie. As a general rule, once he has begun preparation, the meat or veggies remain there until slowly cooked to perfection. Throughout the summer he regularly sends the mouth-watering scent of searing organic meat throughout our neighbourhood.

On a couple of ocassions we've run out of fuel in the midst of an outdoor grilling and have had to finish it up inside, but tonight that wasn't the case. These lovely chops' visit to the barbecue was aborted due to rain. No one, least of all a king, loves a soggy chef, so in he came, carrying a pink-tinged plate of pork.

The chops, joined by baked delicata squash and rosebud beets, made a yummy feast, but their cooking circumstances clearly illustrated that our beloved outdoor sizzling season is very near its end.

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