Monday, October 08, 2012

Oct 8 - Photo a Day - Angle

Om nom nom nom

A Gratuity for the Comic

Copper very rarely gets human food, as we've found he's got some allergies -- chicken gives him the wild-itchies -- and his super-duper "biologically appropriate," 100% balanced kibble keeps him nicely tuned. However... it IS Thanksgiving, and today I just happened to scoop out the last teaspoon from the peanut-butter jar.

It took him a few hilarious minutes of pushing the plastic tub around the living room, sneaking in a lick on rare occasion, before he finally tamed it and got it propped at just the right angle. The feast that ensued lasted a good quarter-hour with numerous breaks to lick the obviously ambrosial, yet sticky coating off the roof of his mouth.

The jar was significantly deeper than the length of his tongue, and his snout was far too robust to fit inside, but once he slicked the top half clean, he carried it around, propping it here and there to try reaching those lower dregs.

As I enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie, tonight's dessert for our comic red-dog will be the last peanut-butter treat swiped out with a rubber spatula when he wasn't watching.

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