Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Oct 9 - Photo a Day - Red


I Heart the Fall

This incredible maple tree is the earliest to acclaim "Autumn" in our neighbourhood. It grows in front of Mrs Smith's yard, across the fence behind us. She lives on a tiny, six-house loop, where all but the treetops are protected from the wind, so its glory lasts a long time.

Every morning for a number of weeks as I make my cup of tea, it waves its vibrant plumage through the kitchen window. While morning is not my favourite, autumn is, and this tree with its persistent glow makes me almost giddy.

When Copper and I walked around the block to take a photo of this beauty, I had no idea that there was a heart lodged between its long-needled pine and blue-spruce neighbours. But here you see it!

A number of other 'reds' tempted me, and were strong contenders for today's photo: the firebush two doors toward the greenbelt, a brilliant border of neon red roses, a Canadian flag flapping in front of a golden ash tree, the Keller Williams (my former company) 'For Sale' sign down the street, and even the newly-hung red-berry wreath gracing our front door.

This season, with its intense colours and scents, fills me with such glee. I feel as though Life has pulled out its paint pallete and dotted the world with its electrifying spirit simply for the joy of surrounding us with beauty.

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