Friday, September 27, 2013

September 16 - 22, 2013 - Photo A Day Project

:) Is it really Friday? Aw, well. Days continue to flow along at an accelerated pace, each one full of interesting people, places, and activities. I consult FatMumSlim's Photo-a-Day list and sure enough, each day magically presents a scene that fits the day's word perfectly. 

Here are the things that showed up last week.

16 - Frame(s)

We and Our Families
adorn the hallway

17 - In Front of Me

Scripts for the upcoming November / December plays.
We'll be co-crew-chiefing: finding, scheduling, and directing crews;
choreographing and mapping set changes;
and helping schlep furniture on the OLT stage. Great Fun!

18 - Vintage

Ye six-year-olde PC. Practically ancient.

19 - What is This?

The most fabulous gum-massagers / toothpicks ever!

20 - In the Morning

Post-walk, picking up my yoga-buddy, Dana.

21 - Rule of Thirds

Lovelies at the Ottawa Gem Show

22 - Made Me Smile

Giant, serene inukshuks in Gatineau / Hull, Quebec.
If they could speak, it would be in beautiful, probably bass-toned French.

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Leanna Widgren said...

Love the picture of the inukshuks. So peaceful! Thanks for sharing!