Monday, October 28, 2013

October 14 - 27, 2013 - Photo A Day Project

Two weeks of photos for your viewing pleasure (I hope!) 

The last couple of weeks have been busier than usual, and the next two months will be even more intense, as we take on backstage duties for two back-to-back shows at the Ottawa Little Theatre. 

Life's a tad stressful, so I'm taking steps to remove the less fulfilling activities, and diving into the positive ones. Oh. And increasing my exercise to burn off the tension. Cowabunga!

Here are a few glimpses into my last 14 days...

14 - Favourite Space

Where else but in CANADA would there be a Kindness Fair?


15 - Secret

Squirrels' hidey holes for winter snacks
and decoy holes to fool other nut-stealing critters.

16 - Leafy

Remember that bright yellow locust from Oct 2nd?
This is what two weeks will do.

17 - First World Problem

Have to use my "real" camera since the iPhone's battery is shot.
< so spoiled >

18 - Still

Sometimes it seems like the queue just
does. not. move.
(Another first world problem!)

19 - A Good Day

... but only if you love storms!
Sadly, Copper and I disagree on this point.

20 - Open

Target moves into Canada! Goodbye Zellers.

21 - Then and Now

A few more smile lines, a few more silver hairs.

22 - Change

Come On Red!!!

24 - Dark

Perhaps a bit of a fishbowl at night?

25 - Welcome

Some of the sweetest people in the world
work in places like this.

26 - Depth of Field

Girls Night Out. Not a lot of depth of field in the photo,
but these fabulous women aren't afraid to delve deep.
(Ok... ok... I know it's a stretch... ;))

27 - Peaceful

Doris Pavelich, one of the incredible artists
at the Ottawa Art Expo.
I wanted to go through that gate and follow
the path in the upper left painting.
Such serenity....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 7 - 13, 2013 - Photo A Day Project

It's First Thanksgiving weekend! Yippee! 

Thanksgiving has long been my favourite holiday, and living up here in Canada, I get to celebrate it twice. Double the gratitude. Now that's a serious win!

Although last week's photos were only posted yesterday, this past week's photos are ready, and I've a little free time today, so up they go!

7 - Corner

A nice upgrade to one of the busiest corners on campus

8 - What I Saw Today

Lovely student, Rama, and her girls,
Nathalie and Neomi

9 - Pink

Beautiful gardens at the college.

No idea what these are, but love the pink stems!
The last of the climbing roses.

10 - Hands

Looking a bit more like Grandma's hands every day. :)

11 - M is for...

The most delicious food!
Although we rarely buy anything but the organic chips here.
Spoiled with homemade spice mixes and salsa.

12 - Below

Yet another of Penny's favourite napping spots.

13 - Watching

Pierre's Saturday (qualifying) and Sunday (racing) morning bliss.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

September 30 - October 6, 2013 - Photo A Day Project

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzing! And another week has gone past! Aw, well. Keeping up with my daily photos has been much simpler than grabbing time to post a week's worth. So it is. :)

Here goes again, though: the last day of September and the first week of October as seen through my eyes and the lens of my trusty iphone.

30 - Found

Lunch date with dear Ms Kaitlin.
Wasn't sure I'd be able to find her place again, but Found It!



October Photo - A - Day List from FatMumSlim

This is too much fun to quit!

1 - Something Colourful

This lovely African Violet lived blossom-free in the kitchen for two years.
It hasn't stopped laughing since moving into the sunny front window.

2 - Light 

Macintosh Apple or Popsicles? Ottawa is ablaze!

Hundreds of neon yellow honey locusts.

The greenbelt a half block away. Incredible what the changing light does to this part of the world.

3 - Me Today

In my favourite place, snuggling with the most wonderful man.

4 - In Motion

My fabulous yoga teacher, Ms Tara Porter, leading her
next-to-last Friday Yin/Yang class at Rama Lotus.
Excited for her new adventures, and sure gonna miss her....

5 - Afternoon

The last hurrah of this year's tomato plants

6 - Eight O'Clock

Getting the names of Val's lovely family members
embedded into my memory banks.
I refuse to be stumped by the challenges of my aging brain!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

September 23 - 29, 2013 - Photo A Day Project

Well, some weeks are easier than others. While there were some lovely and fun events, there were also some health challenges and a death in the family this past week. 

Life, she is a complex mix of joy and pain, serenity and loss. Through all of it,
I wish you peace.

 23 - From my Childhood

A pretty wooden box contains a pin
from a long ago camping trip in BC
Now you see it...
Now you don't! Ooooh!
I've always loved magic.

24 - Space

Satellite receptors keeping us connected

25 - H is for ...

Canada's answer to Starbucks
Although, unfortunately, Mr Hortons' doughnuts are far more tempting!

26 - Curve

Faculty meeting at a creatively-designed restaurant

27 - WTF?

So hard...
Wayno and my last remaining fur-baby,
Sven, dies on his papa's birthday.
Fly free, beautiful boy.
Give our love to Max, Trusty, Porter, and Sashy.
Until we see you again.

28 - 10 o'clock

Spent some time in the garden this morning.
The Rose of Sharon blooms for the first time.

29 - Gold

Mohammed, in his Honda CRX and his gold race suit,
takes first place in the final race of the season.
Congratulations and farewell, racing friends, until next year.