Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 7 - 13, 2013 - Photo A Day Project

It's First Thanksgiving weekend! Yippee! 

Thanksgiving has long been my favourite holiday, and living up here in Canada, I get to celebrate it twice. Double the gratitude. Now that's a serious win!

Although last week's photos were only posted yesterday, this past week's photos are ready, and I've a little free time today, so up they go!

7 - Corner

A nice upgrade to one of the busiest corners on campus

8 - What I Saw Today

Lovely student, Rama, and her girls,
Nathalie and Neomi

9 - Pink

Beautiful gardens at the college.

No idea what these are, but love the pink stems!
The last of the climbing roses.

10 - Hands

Looking a bit more like Grandma's hands every day. :)

11 - M is for...

The most delicious food!
Although we rarely buy anything but the organic chips here.
Spoiled with homemade spice mixes and salsa.

12 - Below

Yet another of Penny's favourite napping spots.

13 - Watching

Pierre's Saturday (qualifying) and Sunday (racing) morning bliss.

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