Saturday, October 12, 2013

September 30 - October 6, 2013 - Photo A Day Project

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzing! And another week has gone past! Aw, well. Keeping up with my daily photos has been much simpler than grabbing time to post a week's worth. So it is. :)

Here goes again, though: the last day of September and the first week of October as seen through my eyes and the lens of my trusty iphone.

30 - Found

Lunch date with dear Ms Kaitlin.
Wasn't sure I'd be able to find her place again, but Found It!



October Photo - A - Day List from FatMumSlim

This is too much fun to quit!

1 - Something Colourful

This lovely African Violet lived blossom-free in the kitchen for two years.
It hasn't stopped laughing since moving into the sunny front window.

2 - Light 

Macintosh Apple or Popsicles? Ottawa is ablaze!

Hundreds of neon yellow honey locusts.

The greenbelt a half block away. Incredible what the changing light does to this part of the world.

3 - Me Today

In my favourite place, snuggling with the most wonderful man.

4 - In Motion

My fabulous yoga teacher, Ms Tara Porter, leading her
next-to-last Friday Yin/Yang class at Rama Lotus.
Excited for her new adventures, and sure gonna miss her....

5 - Afternoon

The last hurrah of this year's tomato plants

6 - Eight O'Clock

Getting the names of Val's lovely family members
embedded into my memory banks.
I refuse to be stumped by the challenges of my aging brain!

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