Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 6 - 26, 2014 - Photo A Day Project

Here we are in the depths of winter. It's currently 10F/-12C. Another six inches of gorgeous powdery snow fell last night, and the wind is blowing it into drifts in near white-out gusts. This is all to say that most of the past three weeks have been spent indoors. I'm missing long walks and bicycle rides. Not to mention back-yard barbeques and non-nostril-freezing draws of fresh, fragrant air.

We are blessed to have a beautiful home with exercise equipment in the basement and plenty of access to the web with its constant entertainment and education streams. All four of us are a little stir-crazy, but we continue to remind Copper and Penny that winter doesn't last forever, and it won't be long before they'll be back to shrew-hunting and neighbourhood walks / sniffs.

In the midst of this, I continue to step up to the challenge of taking a photo a day. So... for your viewing and reading pleasure... here are daily tidbits of the past three weeks.

6 - Happens Everyday

"Got some love-ups for me, Mom?
And, say... what's that on your plate?"

























7 - Upside Down

This winter's first attempt at bird feeding.
They emptied it in two days.
I saw chickadees snatch three seeds in between
the squirrel feasting.




























8 - Lucky Number

The winner's wall of the Heart & Stroke Foundation's calendar lottery.
We haven't won yet, but the year is young!






















9 - Natural

The challenge of keeping 55 yr old hormones balanced
includes freshly-ground flax seeds. Yum!






















10 - Manmade

It also includes regular exercise!
Love to hula-hoop with the WiiFit.






















11 - Looking Down

Watching the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers
for the NFL championship and the last step before the Superbowl!
(So much easier to see the plays from this perspective than from the sidelines.)

Looking Down #2 - Where did all the spinach-artichoke dip go?





































12 - Colourful

My purse and winter coat.
"When I am a middle-aged woman, I shall wear purple!"

























13 - Makes Me Smile

So much for being "squirrel-proof"!





















14 - Three Things

Wow! It warmed up to over 0*C!

Two sets of three wings to warm me up:
hot and dry Cajun. Yummy!



























15 - Black + White

Had a delightful and far too rare visit
with my darling friend, Vickie who just
happened to be wearing a black & white top!



























16 - Sun

WHEW! That is one bright star!


























17 - Tiny

Wee angels keeping my galfriend safe.























18 - Happy Place

Gourmet food with fabulous people.
Happy Birthday, Nadine!






















19 - Breakfast

More yumminess to start the day.










20 - To Do List

So grateful for my Outlook calendar!

























21 - Blue

Bright blue and OH SO COLD sky!

























22 - Nice

Happy plant life in the front window: my indoor garden. :)























23 - Bedtime

... at three thirty in the afternoon.


















24 - Your Space

Penny, the great sweatshirt and rocking chair usurper.




























25 - A Taste of Winter

They emptied the bird feeder, but it's still
freezing out there, so...
(OK... I'm a softie.)




























26 - Fun Stuff!

Road trip to explore cottage country properties.
Beginning to visualize the dream.

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