Monday, February 10, 2014

Jan 27 - Feb 9, 2014 - Photo A Day Project

And life's pace picks up again! Back to the theatre I am, which means scheduling a group of fifteen fantastic (and busy) volunteers and helping my dear co-crew-chief, Nadine, choreograph the set moves in thirteen scene changes. Last week and this are rehearsals / trainings, and then we'll each be working two to three nights a week for the following three. As Nadine put it, "It's all coming together beyooootifully!"

Speaking of exactly that... Pierre and I are officially engaged! Although we have lived together for nearly five years, we are now able to take the next step: mehwij! ;) This is the second round for both of us, and since we've both experienced the big, theatrical wedding, we're choosing an extremely quick, sweet and simple civil ceremony with an officiant. However... there *will be* a celebration this summer! Stay tuned for announcements of the wedding- and the comfy-weather-party-dates. :)

Beginning this week, I'm also starting a new blogging project. 
Photo-a-day will continue, at least for now, but in addition, I'll be adding P&P's Restaurant Review. 

For now, though... here is a two-week gander into mid-winter life in Ottawa. 

27 - Something I Bought


[ Can not post until after Feb 14! ]

28 - Dinner

Orijen Regional Red + pumpkin-sicles + fish pill
= a very happy and healthy hound

29 - Window

That little window and the one across the stairwell
brings natural light into our middle-of-the-house bathroom.
Thank you, prior owners! Nice touch.

30 - Best Invention Ever

OK, maybe this doesn't compare to the wheel,
but un-tethering us from the wall? Sweet freedom!

31 - Polka Dot

Not one stitch of polka-dot fabric in our house, so
here's the closest we get: beautiful alcohol ink coasters
made by my lovely sister. xoxo

Next! :) #FMSphotoaday (first time I've ever used a hash-tag!)

1 - You

Cop and me selfie in the morning

2 - Favourite

One of my favourite foods: guac-and-chips made for
watching our favourite football champs, with a sign
designed by my favourite man!

3 - Something Orange

Kitchen countertop on its way!
[Goodbye fake wood counter!]

5 - Square

A tesseract made by props-master, Marti

6 - C is for ...

Ze Cop-top!


... who at almost 11 still loves to romp in the snow!

7 - Utensil(s)

A groovy new Japanese line

8 - Water

Lots of it in its crystalline form

9 - Details

The stage manager's notes get many revisions
before the final, perfected version emerges.

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Leanna Widgren said...

Love the pictures! Your new counter top looks like mine! (Great minds, huh?!). Love the Copper blur in the snow!