Monday, July 29, 2013

July 2013 Photo A Day Project - Week Four

Ahhh, July... you have been lovely. (Ok... truth be told, you've been blazing hot, and soggy with rain; you've brought funnel clouds, falling trees, and dog-frightening thunderstorms; but interspersed between the climate change better-get-used-to-it intensity, you've grown gorgeous gardens, and given us perfect bike-riding or outdoor yoga days.)

With just a few days remaining in the month, here are last week's daily photos....

Day 22 - Grey

Our hilarious and humble hombre: Grey - 
in greytone.

23 - I Drew This!

What ARE all those plants in the garden, anyway?

24 - D is for ...

Detox! Made veggie broth from the juicing left-overs. Soup Time!

25 - Ground

Dug and yanked out those pesky invasives!

26 - The Everyday

Luckily not an everyday job, but mundane and certainly never-ending.

27 - Black + White

One of the many beautiful specimens at the gem show in Bancroft

28 - This is New!

Door Prize Winner!
Silver and Bancroft-mined Sodalite. Yay!

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