Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 2013 Photo A Day Project - Week Three

Another wonderful July week has come and gone. We've had a run of extremely hot, humid days -- almost every mornings' weather reports saying "60% chance of rain and/or thunderstorms" (coming and not coming true) -- and even a huge storm with tornado warnings and a funnel cloud half an hour south of us.

My wusband and I had a running joke about "talkin' about the weather" with his east coast family. Now that I no longer live in the mild Pacific Northwest, I realize that these extremes can control your being outside or scrambling from one air-conditioned house/car/building to another!

That being said, today's weather is perfect!! So, from the blissful comfort of our back yard patio, I bring you the daily photos of this past week in Ottawa....

15 - Out the Window

Tomatoes and a mish-mosh of perennials in the front bed this year









16 - Bottle

There are some delicious bbq sauces in the world
but none to rival this one.










17 - Inspiration

An amazing online community of people getting healthier together.
Want to join me? "Patrice_E"










18 - Number

Ten pounds gone in four months!!!






















 19 - Building

Yoga is fun outside and in my living room, but there is greatness
inside this building every Friday at noon.

20 - Hot

One of Copper's three rest-stops on the way home from the dog park.
80F/27C is easier than 100F/38C, but it's still hot wearing that coat.


21 - Fave Food

Organic heavenliness from the Farmer's Market, AND...

Non-organic decadence from our favourite local diner: Ralphies!


CarGuy said...

Hey I've been to those places! :) <3

Leanna Widgren said...

I love the picture of Copper, although he DOES look rather hot, and the farmer's market veggies look so delicious! Yum!