Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 2013 Photo A Day Project - Week Four

Wow. Is it really Tuesday afternoon already? My last few days have whirled by, with the beginning meetings of a new (very exciting) college coaching job. 
Thus, last week's photo posting has been delayed. Now, at last, I have a free evening, so here we go!

19 - Lost

Following Pierre's racecar to and from the track
makes getting lost darned near impossible.

20 - Stairs

Heading up for a healing
from Denis Chagnon
(fascinating guy, you may want to check out that link!)

21 - Slow

Birthday girl: Sondra, Jeanne, Val, and I
moving slowly at the end of a lovely, dinner & theatre, HOT, girls night out.
(That's hot, as in serious Ottawa-summer-night temperature
although these are some powerfully-hot women!)

22 - A Room

The least-used room in our house
(except by Penny, who often snoozes atop the cedar chest.)

23 - Yellow

One of two beautiful patches of brown-eyed susans
(and this is after thinning!)

24 - In the Background

Took a walk through a different neighbourhood.
Wasn't exactly sure where I was until I saw this sign peeking through.
At 427,000 square feet -- Canada's largest IKEA-- it's a major landmark!

25 - Culture

From the Maple Sugar Festival; Shakespeare; Chamber-, Folk-, Jazz-, and Blues music;
Greek-, SouthAsian-, Irish-, Turkish-, and Italian Festivals; to last weekend's Pride Parade...
Ottawa loves to celebrate every culture's wonderful and unique traditions.
Feeling so blessed to live here!

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