Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 2013 Photo A Day Project - Week Three

Another week of summer has come and gone, and we've already had a few blissfully cooler nights. Along with them, though, has come the beginning of the changing leaf colours. Granted, it's only an occasional glimpse of red or gold on the odd tree, but the glorious painting-to-come is starting. 

Autumn is my favourite season, but it's always a little bittersweet when it arrives; soon we'll have to budget extra time to scrape snow and ice off of cars and climb in and out of three additional layers of clothes. We're on the downhill slope that leads to snow plows and missing bike rides and long walks in our shirtsleeves.

Now, though, the sun continues to shine hot, and we have, at last, harvested three lovely, red tomatoes from our "early" plant. It's been an odd, but beautiful season. Last week was perhaps one of the best weather-wise of the summer: mostly just right, hovering around 80F/27C mid-day, not too humid, and to our thunder-phobic pup, Copper's, delight, no storms! 

Loads of fun things filled the week, and here are daily glimpses of a few of those delights....

12 - Macro

Silvery Fir Tree Tomato produces its first lucious fruit of 2013

13 - Fast

Tesla ~ my dream electric car. Only $83k + taxes... sigh...

14 - Trash

Ottawa recycles compost, paper, glass, plastic, and yard waste.
Our trash can, collected every other week, is usually 1/3 full. :)

15 - The Best

Post-walk with one of the coolest women ever ~
Val Bogan

16 - Cooking

Breakfast smoothie deliciousness:
cantaloupe, cucumber, Greek yogurt, avocado, water, and protein powder.

17 - Exercise

Old man Copper finally plays with Heather's Ceilidh (K-Lee)
Ferocious Fighters! :)

18 - Someone I Spoke to Today

Two someones, actually: Ms Alpaca and Linda,
friend and co-owner of Joe-Lin Station B&B,
Bowmanville, ON

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