Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 2013 Photo A Day Project - Week Two

Ahhhh... Perhaps this is perfection.... Blissful Outdoor Weather. And next week is forecast for more of the same. Except for the missing scent of tropical flowers and the sound and salt tang of the sea, we could be in Hawaii or California, but with all of the comforts of home! Ottawa summer days are often too hot-and-muggy for outdoor sittin' or activities, so we are soaking in these glorious just right days.

I'm feeling especially spoiled this month, as my one of my closest girlfriends has the entire month off from her job. We're both focusing on getting healthier, so we get together every day or two to walk and gab, either along the river or through the greenbelt woods. What a treat!

There are loads of things happening and upcoming, so, to give you a glimpse of a few of them, here are the daily photos from last week.

4 - Fresh

We eat like Royalty.
(If royalty eats mostly fresh, organic, and free-range.)
























5 - Early

Hot flash time. 'Nuff said.























6 - This Means a Lot to Me

Dream come true -- again!
Fabulous trails through the woods just a
one-minute walk / 30-second bike ride from home.



























7 - A Sign

You know you're in Ottawa...
The Centrepointe branch... One of 14 "Oaks" in the city.
























8 - Peek-A-Boo

Copper asking,
"Is it time for deener yet, mom?"


























9 - Two O'Clock

Harish, my super-bright
Tuesday and Friday 2:00 student



























10 - Beverage

PG Tips Sun Tea. Just in from
being steeped on the front porch.






























11 - I Love Doing This!

1. Being outside. 2. Putzing on the computer.
3. Hanging out with Pierre. 4. Eating on the patio.
5. Having delicious breakfast made for me.
6. Listening to the blues from P's itunes. 7. Bacon.
Not necessarily in any order!

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Leanna Widgren said...

I love the picture of Copper and the nature trail. I'd be lost without trails. We are so lucky!