Wednesday, September 04, 2013

End of August / Beginning of September 2013 Photo A Day Project

According to Facebook's last few days' multitude of grin-filled, first-day-of-school photos, summer is officially over. Labor (or Labour up here) Day weekend has passed, and the fashion police are watching out for wearers-of-white.

Last week was remarkably full, and here it is Wednesday afternoon, and I'm finally getting last week's photos up on the blog.  As you can see from the title of this post, the Project continues!

26 - Entrance

A new school year begins!
This is the main entrance of Algonquin's newest building:
The Student Commons





















27 - Ten Minutes from Home

Walking north, here is what we find. :)

Walking south: Lynwood Park!





































28 - Corridor

Offices of the School of Media & Design
and the corridor from N to T buildings.
Feels great to be back on campus!





















29 - Lucky

Most of you know I am the luckiest woman in the world,
which means I could fill pages with this theme-of-the-day.
However, the lifetime-learner side of me is posting this
treasure-trove of a school website.























30 - Cluttered 

Sometimes the Stuff takes over!



























31 - Dangerous

Actually, the safest way to fly: Hot Air Balloons!

September's List

1 - Together

Labour Day Vacation to the Eastern Townships
with my two best friends.
(See what I mean about "the luckiest"?)

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