Monday, September 09, 2013

September 2 - 8, 2013 Photo A Day Project

First thought this morning: Oof. I'm not a kid anymore. Of course, this isn't new news, but some days that message really "sings with a loud, clear voice" (something my grade-school teachers mistakenly said that I did.)

Pierre and I wandered around Calabogie racetrack for a few hours yesterday visiting with a few race buddies and watching elegant Porsches and $300,000(!) Lamborghinis race. 

We then poked around in the woods near the lake, daydreaming about owning a cottage one day, and keeping an eye out for delectable chantrelles. Silly me, caught my toe on a stick and tripped -- really just bounced down onto a knee, barely skinning it, and was right back up -- but zowie! can I feel it today. A walk and some gentle yoga is definitely on my schedule. Hmm... at 55F/13C it may even be cool enough for a lavender epsom salts bath. :)

It was fun taking photos again last week, though there were a few days, with my busier schedule, when I didn't get the shot until late evening. I hope you enjoy them, and wish you a wonderful week ahead.

2 - My Name Begins With

Magog, QC has a street AND a church named after me! Wow!
Plus, who knew I was a saint?


3 - Lines


How in the world can actors memorize
50 pages of lines? Brilliant!
(Christmas Belles at the OLT Nov 26 - Dec 14. Should be great fun!)

  4- Alone

Post-cat-fight with the neighbourhood bully cat.
Copper's bed in our dark bedroom is the best recovery spot.
Poor baby... (no abscesses, just sore muscles.)

5 -Here Forever (perhaps should start with "Nothing is...")

This huge maple tree around the corner was ancient.
If you look closely on the right branch you will see
one of the guys who's been systematically cutting it down
over the past three weeks. Rather sad....

There is was, peeking between our two front evergreens last fall.

6 - Getting Ready

... for the next chapter in her life!
I got to attend Val's niece's wedding. Beautiful. Fun. Loads of love. :)

7 - White

Rose of Sharon is totally covered in these buds.
Sure hope she blooms before the frosts arrive.

8 - Made by Me

Even on a dead-end dirt road way out in the country
I can make Golden Retrievers appear!

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